A 15th-century artist painted St Wilfrid for the canons of Hexham Priory. Since no-one knew what the long-dead Wilfrid looked like, he was shown simply as a richly-robed archbishop. The canons thus honoured their church’s […]

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Historic colours hang in Hexham Abbey's nave 2

The Banners

In the north nave aisle of Hexham Abbey hangs an impressive range of historic banners. Most were relocated from the choir in 1987. The banner that first attracts attention is the most easterly, the Hawick […]

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When the present nave was added to Hexham Abbey in 1907-8, many fragments of sculptured stone were built into its new walls or set in niches made for the purpose in the north aisle. These […]

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The Screen

For nearly 500 years a massive wooden screen has cut off the chancel from the crossing, transepts and nave of St Andrew’s Church. A broad platform or loft juts out over its ribbed and painted […]

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The Night Stair

Thirty-five worn stone steps rise from the south transept of Hexham Abbey, leading to a broad gallery behind a stone parapet, with three doorways opening from it. People have used this Night Stair through eight […]

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Frith Stool

The Frith Stool stands in the middle of the Choir at Hexham Abbey, a solid block of sandstone that was broken in two during the 19th century and cemented together again; the stone has been […]

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Flavinus rides in triumph over his barbarian enemy on the tall sandstone slab that stands in front of a blocked doorway at the foot of the night stair in Hexham Abbey. According to the inscription […]

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The Saxon Crypt

For visitors who come to Hexham Abbey in search of the past the greatest thrill of all is the Anglo-Saxon crypt. A steep stone stair descending from the nave takes you back thirteen hundred years, […]

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Acca’s Cross

THE CROSS WHICH STOOD AT THE HEAD OF THE GRAVE OF ACCA BISHOP OF HEXHAM AD 709-732 WHO DIED AD 740 …So says the modern inscription on the plinth in the south transept of Hexham […]

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